Flintstone Park and its playground are not going the way of the dinosaurs.

People living near the park were up in arms over two for sale signs in the park’s northwest corner.

Two 40 x 150 ft. unserviced lots have been listed for sale by the Mattagami Region Conservation Authority.  In an email to Mayor George Pirie and people who have expressed concern, MRCA regulations officer James Lefebvre says 213 and 221 Pearl Ave. make up about 10% of the entire park area. Once Town Creek was re-channelized, the lots were no longer in the flood plain,  so the lots can be legally sold. Lefebvre offers assurances that the playground will stay.

The realtor has the lots  listed at $40,000.00 each.

Flintstone Park from the southeast corner, closest to the playground.
(Bob McIntyre, MyTimminsNow.com staff)