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Timmins history: The origins of the Bucovetsky’s/Tweed and Hickory building

There’s a very prominent building on Third Avenue in Timmins that is drawing a lot of attention lately.  Whether you refer to it as Tweed and Hickory or Bucovetsky’s, we’re going to spend the next few weeks right there, during our examination of local history.

Museum curator-director Karen Bachmann says it’s been the site of one type of business or the other since 1911.

“And that was a store that started off with a gentleman by the name of J.P.McLaughlin,” she relates.” He came up to the Porcupine as a merchant, big business guy, saw the potential, knew what was going on here, bought some land from Noah Timmins and set up his store.”

McLaughlin claimed it was the first store downtown, and Bachmann has no evidence to refute that.

“He ran that store up until about 1917, 1918. He became mayor of Timmins in 1917 and 1918 and then off the business and went off into the great blue yonders of Toronto, later on in the 20s.”

Next week: The Bucovetsky era begins.



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