UPDATE 11:50am:  On Saturday, the Town of Moosonee was confirming that the eight cases reported up to that point are all in Moosonee.  It promised an update today.  The town also indicates that there are no other active cases along the coast, from there northward to Peawanuck.

2:45pm: Town of Moosonee confirms ninth and tenth active cases.

The coronavirus has apparently shifted its focus from the Kapuskasing and Hearst areas and headed north to the coast.

Two more COVID-19 cases are confirmed today by the Porcupine Health Unit, in the area it describes as “James and Hudson Bay Region”.  As usual, it provides no other details on the location, but does say they’re both the result of contact with another case.

Ten cases have been reported on the coast over the past three days.  Today’s are numbers 323 and 324 across the vast PHU territory since the outset of the pandemic last March.