Don’t believe the claims you might hear in the community, about the conditions awaiting Timmins and District Hospital patients at St. Mary’s Gardens.

In response to a request from My Timmins Now Dot Com, the hospital issued a statement saying the patients will be on the ground floor – not the basement.  The rooms are bright and spacious, with large windows.

As early as next week, up to 30 alternate level of care patients will be moved to the former St. Mary’s Hospital.  They’re patients waiting for permanent placement in long-term care.

Full text of the statement:

TADH is creating an off-site hospital site in the lower (ground) level floor of St. Mary’s Gardens. Rooms come with a large window and are bright and spacious for our patients. This off-site location will be used to house Alternate Level of Care (ALC) patients. These ALC patients are people who have had their acute care needs met but are awaiting placement in another care setting, like a long term care home. They would have similar care needs to those who are residing in a long term care home or retirement home.

In the event that a patient’s condition were to change and they required emergency or acute care, they would be transitioned to the main hospital site.