Although no one has been able to use it during the provincial pandemic lockdown, there is still ice in two city-owned arenas.

Parks, recreation and building operations manager Glenn Thurston confirms the Whitney and the Mac have ice.

“We’ve turned down the temperature on the ice and we shaved the ice down,” he reports. “It’s a little softer right now, so it would probably take maybe a day or two to bring it back up.”

Thurston adds that it all depends on if and when the lockdown is lifted, and under what conditions.

“So we’re basically waiting to see what we can do. We’re kind of all on pins and needles waiting: Are we going to do something or not?”

Cochrane has removed the ice from the Tim Horton Events Centre, saying it’s less expensive to re-install than maintain.  And in Kapuskasing, there is only ice on one of the two pads at the Sports Palace.