Up to 30 patients from Timmins and District Hospital will soon be moving to the St. Mary’s Gardens retirement home.

They’re called “alternate level of care patients” – those awaiting placement in long-term care facilities.

TADH president and CEO Kate Fyfe says the move will give those patients a more appropriate setting, while freeing up beds at the Ross Avenue site in case of a surge of patients.

“It is COVID-19 related,” Fyfe adds, “however it is an initiative that the hospital had been working on for some time, even before the impacts of COVID.”

Kate Fyfe
(Photo supplied)

The move could be as early as next week. Fyfe says the St. Mary’s location will be staffed by TADH.

“So we will have the staffing resources from the hospital that will be supporting the patients in the St. Mary’s location.”

No new hiring is needed.

Until TADH opened in 1993, St. Mary’s was one of two city hospitals, along with Porcupine General.

Here is the full interview with Kate Fyfe: