As promised, this week’s examination of hockey history in Timmins drops a few more names among the dozens of NHL players to come out of the Porcupine Mining Camp.

Timmins Museum director-curator Karen Bachmann starts with a pair of brothers named Mahovlich. “So there’s Frank and Pete, who came out of Schumacher. Both of them had long careers with a number of teams within the NHL. Frank went on to become a Canadian senator,” she reminds us.

A banner honouring Frank Mahovlich hangs from the rafters of the McIntyre Arena.

“So if we look at other ones,” Bachmann continues, “there are people like Paul Harrison, who was a goaltender for the Toronto Maple Leafs and more recent. Steve Sullivan is still going strong with his career in upper management, aside from his career on the ice.”

We’ve only scratched the surface. Feel free to share the names of other local NHLers you’re aware of, on the Moose Timmins Facebook page.