The chief operating officer of the company that is buying the Tweed & Hickory and Bucovetsky’s building on Third Avenue says it hopes to open sometime in 2022.

Mona Beckmann of Things Engraved and the Bloomex retail division responds to criticism that hers is a big company that will hurt small local business. She says there’s a big market share for everybody, and her company will enhance the community by bringing something different.


“So it’s not about going in there and not supporting local,” Beckmann states.  “I mean for example, we’re looking at architects and construction people and bringing new jobs into Timmins. And the architect that we’re actually looking at has been born and raised in Timmins.”

“So we’re really trying to enhance the downtown core, bring the old building that was there back to life and I’m really hoping that the community will welcome us.”

Beckmann adds that malls are “de-malling” during the current “retail apocalypse”.

For more about the plans for the building, listen to the entire interview with Beckmann right here: