It’s up mostly to Timmins Police to enforce the state of emergency in Timmins.

Communications coordinator Marc Depatie says not to expect to be randomly pulled over when you’re driving.

“We are not going to actively interfere with traffic,” he emphasizes. “There would have to be a reason for the traffic stop to take place. And then if there’s an indication that there’s a violation taking place, then obviously the officer is compelled to take some action.”

Depatie says compliance with measures in place has already been exceptional in Timmins compared to other localities, and police expect that to continue.

However, if a patrol officer notices a driveway with more than five people gathered in it, he or she will stop.

“Our officers are going to use their discretion as they see fit,” Depatie adds. “If it’s deemed necessary that the only viable option to address the situation is to lay a charge, then so be it.”

The fine for contravening the emergency order is $750.00.  Trying to prevent an officer from laying the charge is obstruction and will cost you $1,000.00.

For more details, listen to the full interview with Marc Depatie: