Despite all the increased restrictions, the introduction of a vaccine supposedly means the end is approaching for the COVID-19 pandemic.

Porcupine Health Unit medical officer of health, Dr. Lianne Catton, also acknowledges that not everything is COVID-19.

“The hard part is we don’t know that it’s not Covid without getting a test,” she notes. “And while many of you may only have very mild infections, there are also large numbers of the population who are at great risk for very, very poor outcomes from Covid.”

Catton says too many of those outcomes are tragic.  Nine people have died from the coronavirus in this region.

Meanwhile, the MOH is praising all the efforts that have kept the infection rate low, compared to other parts of Ontario.

With that, Dr. Catton is urging that we all continue our vigilance and follow public health guidelines.

“There is an end in sight,” she confidently predicts. “It has been long and it’s not going to be a very quick road to the end, but it’s coming, so please, please continue.”