No second wave of COVID-19 has arrived in Timmins yet.  We’re still in a “green” or “protect” mode.  Regardless, Golden Manor Home for the Aged administrator Carol Halt says her staff and residents are ready.

Halt says all during the pandemic, while sanitizing and screening visitors, the Manor has been wondering what else can be done.

“We have had added resources in our home, so additional people in our housekeeping department who are being very diligent and vigilant around the home, cleaning high-touch areas,” she states.

Halt notes that staff at the city-owned long-term care home are tested every two weeks for the virus.

“Hats off the our staff who have been so compliant and have been so diligent in following all of the protocols and directives and managing to keep our home COVID-free.”

Halt also credits measures such as screening visitors, ensuring they have negative tests, and are scheduled for their visits.