More than 60 years after his death, Frederick W. Schumacher is still making sure every elementary school aged kid in his namesake community gets at least one Christmas gift.

Distribution is handled by Schumacher volunteer firefighters.  District deputy chief and gift fund committee chair Ryan Hartling says the trust fund Mr. Schumacher started is now managed by his great granddaughter.

“So every year she does ask us how much do we need and she always wants to give us more, so she’s been great to us,” Harting tells My Timmins Now Dot Com. He adds that because of the pandemic, the 160 kids can’t gather at the McIntyre ballroom to select a gift.

“We’re actually going to be delivering the gifts. So the firefighters will be setting out this Saturday at around noon. We’ll be heading out with our fire trucks and delivering the gifts personally to the children.”

The list of who gets a gift is supplied by the schools.  If you think your child might have been missed, call the Timmins Fire Department.