If all goes right, skates won’t be the only way to enjoy the Hollinger Park Skateway. The Timmins Community Park Association is looking for sponsors for six sleighs that seat two adults and can be pushed along the ice.

Director Paula Roy says she got the idea from the sleighs on the Rideau Canal in Ottawa.

“Each of them comes up to about $1,500 to $2,000,” she outlines. “That’s all included, all the transportation and the molding and that.”

Roy hopes to place an order with the Peterborough-area maker and have the sleighs on the ice by the end of January.

She adds that they’re good for young kids, all the way up to the oldest members of the family.

“For seniors and anybody that just can’t skate or whatever and would like to come and enjoy the beautiful path that they’ve done. This year they’ve finished it up and just to take full advantage of the winter and have some fun with it.”

If you’re interested in contributing, contact the Timmins Community Park Association.