Rail has returned to Timmins.  At least two short pieces of rail have returned.  Standing on them is a genuine Ontario Northland caboose, next to the Hollinger house at the Timmins Museum.

Director-curator Karen Bachmann says it was donated and brought to Timmins from Powassan early in the year.  Workers at The Bucket Shop took advantage of COVID-19 down time to work at restoring it.

Bachmann says it’s now part of the museum’s collection and will allow workers there to talk about the history of transportation in the community.

“It’s also quite interesting that the caboose has ended up on what was the original ONR lands here. It’s sort of like the caboose has come home,” she comments.

Bachmann says during the winter, her crew will work on how best to use the caboose.

“We have a number of idea,” she says. “We’re going to be working on some things that are going to go into it. And once we get over all the COVID stuff, we’re going to have an official opening for our caboose.”

It will be restored to original condition and appearance, right down to the exact same colour of paint.

(Bob McIntyre, MyTimminsNow.com staff)