Your kids are not getting an extra-long Christmas break from school after all.

Education minister Stephen Lecce says that after consultation with the government’s health experts, he determined that it isn’t necessary as a COVID-19 prevention measure.

At District School Board Ontario North East, director Lesleigh Dye concurs.  She says that with the potential of the virus getting into the schools, hers have been incredibly successful in keeping it out.

“So we will certainly follow the minister’s direction that schools will continue to be open and we will continue to ensure all of the Covid  protocols are in place each and every day,” she informs.

Dye credits students for following all the rules and all of her staff for keeping schools safe and healthy.

“Our schools would not nearly be as safe as they are without the phenomenal work of our custodians, our office staff, our principals, vice-principals, teachers, everyone involved. It’s really incredible to watch.”

DSB-1 is the English public board covering the area between Hearst and Temagami.