A fundraiser is all about the cats at the Timmins and District Humane Society.

Executive director Alicia Santamaria says the online appeal for $9,000.00 is to establish a feline critical care room.  It will allow sick cats at the shelter to be kept separate from other cats.

It will incorporate what Santamaria calls “snazzy, really interesting cages”.

“They have portals in them,” she elaborates, “so we can open them up so if there are only a few cats in there at the time, we can open up the portals and they can kind of go between more cages, rather than being confined to just one.”

In-kind donations are welcome. Santamaria says there’s already contractor onboard, providing ventilation upgrades. She hopes another contractor will do the necessary flooring work.

“We’re hoping to have a lot of hands in this,” Santamaria remarks, “because it is quite a few dollars that we’re looking to raise and it’s a pretty big job. But it’s awesome to see lots of people coming together.”

Cash or in-kind, tax receipts are available.  You can get involved on the humane society’s website.