After 109 years in South Porcupine, St. Paul’s Anglican Church is closing.

Very Reverend Valerie Isaac – who is St. Paul’s rector and dean of St. Matthew’s Cathedral and the Diocese of Moosonee – says COVID-19 has done a “big number” on finances.  That makes it hard for the congregation of mostly elderly people to pay the expenses.

“It’s hard to work with a small group of people who are on fixed incomes,” she notes, “and we came to that realization and had a wonderful conversation about this and yeah, we’re moving on.”

Isaac says it’s true that a church is not a building, it’s the people.

“The people will be relocating to St. Matthew’s Cathedral and they will be adding to the worship there. Even though the building will be closing, the people’s hearts are always going to be here.”

A service of deconsecration is set for Monday, January 25th – St. Paul’s Day. The following Sunday, the congregation becomes part of the congregation at St. Matthew’s in Timmins during a ceremony of welcome.