This is Treaties Recognition Week across Canada, and the Timmins Museum has a way you can walk across Canada without leaving the Grey Gallery.

Program coordinator Monica Towsley says the Indigenous Peoples of Canada giant floor mat is on display all week.

Created by the Royal Canadian Geographic Society, it’s an interactive, 35-by-26-foot map.

“So you just get to take your shoes off and kind of walk all over Canada,” Towsley outlines, “and get just a glimpse into understanding the past and the present and future of indigenous peoples in Canada.”

The mat features a timeline going back to 12,000 B.C. and highlights the spots where treaties are in place.

Another event marking Treaties Recognition Week at the Timmins Museum is a virtual workshop on making a dream catcher.

Towsley says it starts at 6:30pm Wednesday and will last two or three hours.

“Kristin Murray from Misiway Community Health Centre, she is going to be teaching people how to create a dream catcher.”

The number of participants is limited, so call the museum to register and make arrangements to pick up your kit.

There’s also a screening and discussion Friday morning of the film “We Are All Treaty People”.