Hearst is the apparent COVID-19 hot spot in Porcupine Health Unit territory.  One of the cases reported over the weekend comes from Ecole Secondaire Catholique de Hearst.

Director of communications for the French Catholic board Richard Loiselle says the Porcupine Health Unit – as custodian of the case – won’t allow the board to disclose whether it’s in a student or a staff member.

He does confirm, however, that the school is open.

“We have some students and staff who are in self-isolation,” he notes, “but there is virtual learning for students and the teachers are dong the virtual teaching from home.”

Loiselle continues: “And we’ve also worked with the Porcupine Health Unit to go over our practices and inspection of the school in order to provide further hygiene measures that could be in place.”

Since the pandemic began, the health unit has recorded 95 positive tests for COVID-19. Five are currently active.