Timmins Rock junior hockey team president Ted Gooch calls it “a giant understatement” to claim that the club seriously needs the money being generated by a monthly online 50-50 draw.

“Of course, anyone that’s been to our games know how popular they are at the arena,” Gooch remarks.  “We’re running our first one online with the draw date of November 15th.”

The team is assembled.  The players have been practicing and developing skills, in anticipation of some form of Northern Ontario Junior Hockey League season.

That costs money. Right now, there are no gate receipts. So Gooch says that makes the monthly online 50-50 draw vital to the operation.

“Our regular fundraising efforts always help throughout the summer with our different events that we do, including our golf tournaments and some dinners,” he says. “And with COVID putting a restriction on all of that, we’ve really had our hands tied. This is definitely going to help us in a time of need.”

Tickets are available on the Rock website.  The prize for the November 15th draw is currently in the high four digits.