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Premier has strong words for anti-maskers, COVID deniers

Premier Doug Ford had some strong words for people who think COVID-19 is a hoax.

During his daily briefing, Ford was asked about COVID-19 deniers and people accusing the media and the government of lying to the public.  Ford says this is a democratic country and everyone can have an opinion but he is not mincing words with anti-maskers, “We have the anti-maskers showing up to my house again, flying the flag upside down.  That’s disturbing, to say the least. You don’t like our country, and want to disrespect the people of this country and the flag, get going, take off, leave, find another place you can fly your flag upside down.”

As far as for elected officials, he says he is not sure where people are getting this information but there’s no agenda in his government, “You are talking to the Premier, there’s no hidden agenda.  Not from me, not from any of my Ministers, no one.  It is sheer facts.  What I get from the Chief Medical Officer I will put it right on the table, good, bad, or ugly.”

Ford says he is the “last guy” that would put up with a hidden agenda saying, “This is real, as real as I am standing here.”

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Ford also applauded the work the media has done since the beginning of the pandemic, “The media has been phenomenal. Without the media, we wouldn’t be able to get our message out. They’ve bent over backward they’ve been out there every single day from the beginning. Part of the Team Ontario approach by making sure people are getting the message, following the guidance and the protocols.”

In typical Ford fashion, he called the media “absolute champions.”

Ford also announced $300-million in government funding to support businesses and restaurants that have been closed for 28 days in Ottawa, Toronto, and Peel Region.  That money can be used to offset fixed costs, including property taxes, hydro, and natural gas bills.



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