Whether it comes from Queen’s Park or the Porcupine Health Unit, we’re still waiting for word on whether trick-or-treating will be allowed this first Halloween of the pandemic era.

The matter even came up during a Timmins Chamber of Commerce COVID-19 virtual town hall meeting.

Timmins NDP MPP Gilles Bisson said he hopes the province takes the same regional approach as it has with the stages of reopening.

“You know, what’s good for Toronto may not be good for Timmins or Kenora,” he remarked. “So we need to have a sort of regional approach to what makes sense when it comes to communities like Timmins, so that we’re not sort of all in the same basket. The epicentre of the infections are here in Toronto where I am now. Timmins, less so. So I think there needs to be that recognition.”