UPDATE AT 2:15PM: Timmins Police now report that Drayce David “was located and his well-being has been confirmed.”
This matter is deemed to be a closed incident with no further police action required.A 12-year-old boy hasn’t been in contact with his family since Thursday afternoon October 1, so Timmins Police are trying to determine whether he’s safe.

Drayce David is indigenous, just under five feet tall and weighing about 80 pounds. Communications coordinator Marc Depatie says any information that might lead police in the right direction would be appreciated.

“A sighting, some recent information with perhaps a rumour,” he expands.  “Any of this information will be verified by the Timmins Police so that we can hopefully locate this young man.”

“We’re hopeful to have any information brought forward to the police or by means of Crime Stoppers so that we’re able to locate this young man and satisfy the needs of the family as well as the community at large.”

Depatie says police will verify any information reported.


  • Indigenous
  • 4’ 11” tall, 80 lbs.
  • Brown eyes, brown medium length hair
  • Last seen wearing a black hoodie, black sweatpants and black running shows

TIMMINS POLICE 705-264-1201