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Bisson agrees the North is getting shortchanged

There is always money being spent on roads and infrastructure, but there is one difference in this year’s provincial budget.

“What’s different is, is that she’s [Kathleen Wynne] stripping some spending, as well as selling off Ontario Hydro, for her to accelerate the construction of transit in the GTA,” says Bisson.

The issue is for the North, is the majority of that funding is going into the GTA. Bisson says a prime example is the Connecting Link.

“The province some years ago, eliminated a lot of the money they used to spend on roads,” says Bisson. “For example, Algonquin used to be part of the Connecting Link. 90% paid by the province, ten by the municipality.”

Now, its 100% on the city. Bisson says there’s not as much money for roads as there used to be. In the budget they announced a small increase from last year.

It gives us back some of the money they’ve taken away, but only about 20%, and it won’t go exclusively into Timmins.

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