She called it “debunking a myth” when city councillor Michelle Boileau defended the Living Space homeless shelter this week.

It came at Tuesday’s council meeting, during a discussion on community safety and the ongoing problems of crime and drug addiction.

Boileau noted that in emails to the city and on social media, Living Space is often identified as the problem.

“It exists because of the homelessness crisis, because of the addictions and mental health issue that our residents are facing,” she stated. “Living Space is part of the solution and they’re working very hard and they’re doing good work to try to minimize some of the impacts that these crises are having.”

Coun. Michelle Boileau
(Bob McIntyre, staff)

“By no way do they condone any kind of criminal activity within the shelter,” said Boileau. “There are rules at Living Space and crime is not allowed within the shelter.”

During the same discussion, Mayor George Pirie said Northern Ontario’s four largest cities need to present a common front to senior governments, to get help solving their common problems surrounding community safety.