Timmins-born, Cochrane-raised actor, playwright and director Josh Law has a new radio play on line.

It was produced at the Theatre Arts Guild in Halifax and is called “Thought, Word and Deed”.

“It takes place in Cochrane around 1995,” he outlines. “It’s about in basic terms two young lovers trying to be together and a brother seeking justice, trying to protect his sister.”

Law says it revolves around one event, with the young lovers around the bandstand.  At least one other Cochrane landmark is mentioned: Hillcrest Park.

“I wrote the thing years and years ago, back when I started university actually, plucked away at it at Ontario Northland,” says Law, 33. “A lot of people in town would probably verify that (laugh).”

Law worked as an ONR coach cleaner and kitchen helper on the Polar Bear Express.

Although he’s an actor, he’s not exactly in this play.

“The only time you hear my voice is the very beginning, talking about where to donate.”

It’s a pay as you wish, as much as you wish situation, on the Theatre Arts Guild website.