It’s pretty much a waiting game, in anticipation of all City of Timmins arenas opening again.

The only one operating right now is the Whitney.  Parks, rec and building-and-operations manager Glenn Thurston says it’s being used mostly by hockey schools.  Other groups can rent the ice, but no body contact is allowed.

Thurston says the Mac, the Sportsplex and the Mountjoy don’t yet have ice.

“At this time, we haven’t got a plan to open them until we have some rentals that would make it worthwhile,” he explains.

The majority of those renting organizations are awaiting a green light from their governing bodies.

Meanwhile, the swimming pool at the Sportsplex is expected to open the week after Labour Day

“It will be reopened in September, as we originally planned,” says Thurston.  “We’re redoing the roof and the floor there right now.”

All of the facilities have been closed since the arrival of the pandemic in March.