The very successful textile recycling program returns to Timmins starting next week. The pilot project helps to recycling rewards raise money for the Children’s Wish Foundation. Timmins environmental coordinator Christina Beaton explains how program works.

“So if you are interested and eligible for the program, you can put your textiles into a clear plastic bag with as many bags as you want,” she said. “The bags are placed at curbside before 7 am on the day of pick-up and recycling rewards will drop by and get them.

Beaton says they had a great debut to the program.

“The last collection event we had last fall saw 28 tons of textiles being diverted from the landfill,” she said. “We are pretty excited to see how the second one will go.”

Timmins and Temiskaming Shores are the only two communities part of this program organized by recycling rewards and Beaton says they would like to add more. To learn when your street pick up will take place, please visit either the city of Timmins website or use the recyclepedia app.