The first Canada Day was celebrated in 1983.  Before that, it was known as Dominion Day.  And the first Dominion Day in the Porcupine Mining Camp was marked in 1912.

Timmins Museum director-curator Karen Bachmann says the decision was made to hold the celebration in Timmins, rather than Porcupine or South Porcupine.

It was centered around a four-team baseball tournament and several races.

 “Ladies races, married ladies races, fat gentlemen races, which I thought would have been great to see,” Bachmann comments.

There was also a competition in which two people perched on a beam would try to knock the other off with a pillow.

“The theatre put on a great big performance in the evening so people could go and enjoy that and there was a lot of general happiness about celebrating Dominion Day at the time.”