Saturday is the day to get your family set up for the tomato growing program put on by the Porcupine District Agricultural Society.

Board member Erin Rathbone says you can pick up your own tomato plant, the pot to grow it in and the dirt you need, between 8:00 and 10:00am at the barn behind the Mountjoy Arena.

“It’s to give everybody an opportunity to grow their own food that maybe they wouldn’t have the chance to do if they don’t have the property,” she says, “because you can grow the tomatoes just in the pot.”

Among the activities surrounding the tomato growing program is a contest to decorate the pot.

Rathbone says the ag society is still planning to go ahead with the fall fair in September.

“We’re trying to look for programs that we can run throughout the summer in conjunction with the Mountjoy Farmers Market, to kind of make up for if we don’t.”