By the end of next week, ten pop-up patios will begin popping up all around downtown Timmins.

BIA chairman Jamie Roach says they’re an initiative of his organization.

“A number of restaurants and a few businesses are taking advantage of the patio that will hopefully go right in front of their business,” Roach explains, “and in terms of restaurants, allow restaurants in the downtown core that don’t have outdoor spaces to open and take advantage of the phase 2 opening.”

A pop-up patio will essentially increase the restaurant’s floor space, alleviating part of the concerns about customers physically distancing.

Brian Neeley of Newmont Porcupine signs the cheque to fund the pop-up patios. With him is BIA executive director Noella Rinaldo.
(Bob McIntyre, staff)

Newmont Porcupine is footing the bill, with a $35,000 donation.

Roach says there’s no better community partner.

“We could not have proceeded with this initiative without Newmont’s funding. They are a first-class organization and we cannot thank them enough.”

The patios will arrive early next week, and are expected to start popping up outside businesses by the end of the week.

An example of a pop-up patio.
(Submitted by Downtown Timmins BIA)