Frontline workers in, say, grocery stores and homeless shelters, are being offered free psychological counselling by the Ontario Psychological Association.

They don’t necessarily have benefit packages through their jobs that would pay for the counselling.

Child psychologist Dr. Jennifer Felsher already offers her resources in our region via Telehealth.  She’s one of the professionals volunteering her time to this project.

“Six sessions are provided to help with people who are struggling with mental health related issues as a result of COVID, whether it be financial, anxiety, depression, stress, parenting, addiction,” says Dr. Felsher.

Dr. Jennifer Felsher
(photo submitted)

She adds that occasional bad moments or days when you’re stressed or irritable, don’t necessarily mean you need help.

“When it’s chronic, meaning these symptoms don’t go away, a week, two weeks, three weeks and you can’t stop crying, you can’t sleep, you’re not eating, your child is ongoingly acting out and becoming aggressive, that’s when I think consultation with a mental health professional is warranted.”

Your first call for help is to Ontario 211.