The administrator of the city of Timmins-owned Golden Manor denies a media report that window visits have been banned at the long-term care home.

“Absolutely not,” Carol Halt emphasizes.  “That’s unfortunately misinformation that’s been shared.”

Halt says families were asked not to visit at windows during the outbreak mode that was imposed when a resident tested positive for COVID-19.  She says that was due to concerns over privacy for both residents in a two-person room… and because some were frightened by people walking past their windows.

“We just wanted family to, during outbreak, abstain from the window visits until we could come out of outbreak and then we could look at some parameters around the window visits,” she explains.

The outbreak ended a week ago, window visits are back on.

“The families were all very happy about being able to attend to the windows again;” the administrator states, “very understanding of some of the safety practices that we talked to them about.”

Halt says the Manor’s resident council and family council are also in full support.