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Be the change, says Politis

A lot of the same potential in the North is available today as it was 100 years, and one local politician is calling that a shame.

Cochrane’s Mayor Peter Politis says the government, northerners, industry, and Aboriginal communities need to work together to make change.

The comments come on the heels of last week’s State of the North summit held at the Empire Club in Toronto.

He says although the north can easily justify the lack of focus in our region, we need to be the ones to make the change we want to see.

Full comments:

“This was a great opportunity for the key decision makers in the province to hear about the incredible opportunities that exist in the North.  The train stopped in Cochrane 100 years ago with the support of the legislature behind the need to develop this area.  Today, most of that same potential remains unrealized and in 2015 that’s just a shame.  However, to not come together as government, northerners, industry and aboriginal community in order to develop the long term plan that will finally see a systematic approach to unlocking the northern frontier, that would be the greatest shame of all.”  Mayor Politis went on to speak to the need for Northerners to take charge; “While we as northerners can easily justify the lack of focus in our region and its unique race of people, my sense is that we need to be the ones to lead the change we seek.  There are a lot of smart people here in the North and we would be better served spending less time on seeking attention and more time on putting together the plans that will demonstrate just how much bigger a part of a better Ontario we can be – the rest will naturally fall into place from there.  I know FONOM and NOMA are working toward that end and we look forward to supporting them along the way”.  I hope there are many more opportunities for us to engage the rest of the province in what is at least one of the last frontiers in Canada, if not the last”.

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