No collisions to report, however:

Street Cleaning Schedule for Friday, May 15th, 2020:

Friday, May 15th, starting at 7:30 AM:

  • Timmins South: Middleton, Windsor, Kent, Way
  • Schumacher: Croatia (Boundary to Brundy), Brundy (Croatia to Delost), Carium, Goldale

Friday, May 15th, starting at 4:30 PM:

  • Timmins South: Cedar (Moneta to Sterling), Balsam (Moneta to Sterling), Maple (Moneta to Sterling), Elm (Moneta to Sterling), Moneta (Cedar to Sterling), Lee

Please note, this schedule is subject to change, due to weather/mechanical-related issues.

Public Works would like to remind residents that yellow “No Parking Signs” will be posted to notify that Spring Maintenance will be taking place for daytime operations. Vehicles not complying with these “No Parking Signs” will be ticketed and towed, to allow for Street Sweeping crews to advance. More details about the Street Sweeping Schedule and regulations can be found here.

If you see a collision, a closed road, have an update, or anything else, please call 93.1 Moose FM at: