Rather than laying off because of the COVID-19 pandemic the EACOM sawmill in Timmins is hiring.

“We are looking for production employees and maintenance employees,” says human resources vice-president Eric Larouche.

He says operations like EACOM’s are considered essential, because byproducts like wood chips and sawdust are used in personal protection equipment like masks,and because lumber is needed to keep the construction industry going.

Some of the available jobs are permanent, the rest temporary.

“There are some that, even the pre-COVID, we were looking for, so there will be some that’s going to stay and most of it they will be temporary.”

The temporary positions are to replace workers who are staying home for reasons like holding down the fort while a spouse works in health care.

All you have to do is go to EACOM.ca.  Larouche says click on the careers tab, and you’ll be contacted for an interview.

“Maybe not a face-to-face interview”, he says, in light of current conditions. “We’ll do a Skype type of interview but we will reach out to you, yes, absolutely.”