Every weekday at noon for the duration of the COVID-19 emergency, a group led by Mayor George Pirie called the Timmins Health Table will isue an update.

Here are some of the messages coming out of the call on Wednesday, March 25.


The internet is buzzing with questions of what should  and what shouldn’t be considered essential during the coronavirus pandemic.

Closer to home, in Timmins, Mayor George Pirie is hearing concerns about our biggest industry continuing to operate.

“Of course our mines have been deemed to be essential services,” says the mayor. “We will rely 100% on their health and safety policies.”


As in any situation, having access to your primary health care provider is important.

Jennifer McLeod is executive director of the largest family health team in this city, the Timmins Academic Family Health Team.

She says its patients have that access to doctors, nurse practitioners and other staff, by calling the office.

“Patients may receive care via telephone appointment or by virtual care when needed when they do call in to the office,” occurring to McLeod.  “If needed, a personal appointment can also take place, but must be at prescheduled times and must be arranged head of time by calling the office.”

McLeod says that applies to all locations of the health team.


More changes are coming to transit service in Timmins.  They were relayed by city hall chief administrative officer Dave Landers.

“Effective Thursday, March 26th, our Timmins Transit terminal will be closed to the general public and our regular transit services will be converted to what we call the Sunday service levels,” Landers reported.  “So the service that we provide on Sunday is what we’ll continue to do seven days a week.”

And out at the airport, Landers is asking that you drop off passengers and don’t go into the terminal with them.  Likewise, wait outside for any incoming passengers.