The talk coming out of the downtown winter carnival this past weekend is the long line-up to buy a Beavertail.

BIA executive director Noella Rinaldo says it started shortly after the trailer selling the flattened out donuts with yummy toppings opened on Saturday.  Then Sunday the line formed about an hour before it opened.  The operators were hoping to head back to North Bay at about 2:30, but were delayed by a couple hours.

“They were thrilled with Timmins,” says of the operators.  “It was such a wonderful experience for everybody.  I hope everybody got their Beavertails.  I know they weren’t leaving until the whole lineup was served.  So that really was a great day.”

…and the lineup.
(Photos by Stacey Martin, Downtown Timmins BIA)

She also says Beavertails will be back this summer.

“Not to worry.  They will be back with a lot of great things that will be coming back with them.”

Beavertails were one of the attractions of the BIA winter carnival.  Rinaldo says maple snow taffy also had a line-up, and the sled dog demonstration, fire pit and indoor market were well received, too.