Social media have taken over as the most powerful tools to market whatever you’re selling.

With that in mind, the Timmins Chamber of Commerce is holding a workshop to help you develop a social media policy for your business.

It will be conducted by Chamber CAO Keitha Robson.  She says it will cover what and when to post online.

“As part of a cohesive plan to your social media strategy,” she remarks, “we find that the policy will help guide you and maybe your employees and help decide what gets posted and what doesn’t.”

“In a social media policy,” Robson continues, “you have things about which channels your are actually going to use and why you will use them and what you will talk about on those channels and why you don’t use other channels, because different platforms are more relevant for certain businesses than others, depending on the market that you want to reach.”

The one-hour workshop is at 10:30am on Tuesday, February 25th in the Chamber boardroom.