*UPDATE FRI., FEB. 14*  Amanda Nadeau reports that it took longer than usual for the pool to come back up to heat, but it is now at 83.4F and everything is back to normal.

Heater issues at the Archie Dillon Sportsplex swimming pool are expected to be fixed in time to resume normal hours and programming tomorrow.

Aquatics supervisor Amanda Nadeau says the necessary equipment has arrived and was being installed this afternoon.

“We generally warm up about two degrees an hour,” she outlines.  “The process itself takes about six to eight hours, depending on where we’re at.  Right now the pool’s sitting at room temperature at 74 degrees.  Bathers are generally comfortable (in) about that 80-degree range.”

Nadeau says the city website and the pool’s Facebook page will have updated information.

“So our notice of disruption will be updated before the end of the day with some expectations of when we foresee opening.  But we’re definintely diligently working to get it fixed so that we can be up and running for tomorrow, so that we don’t have to cancel any more programming.”

Naturally, weekends are busy with swimming lessons and other pool activities.