Whether or not you send out Christmas cards, you can help the South Porcupine branch of the library do it.

Branch head Louise Gaudette loves sending and receiving Christmas cards, but she feels it’s become a thing of the past.  So she set up a station where anyone can colour a card to be distributed to senior citizens.

“This is the library’s chance with the help of the community to spread some cheer and maybe inspire everyone to keep or start sending Christmas cards again,” she states.

“We will deliver those with the help of our home school group.  We will attend Spruce Hill Lodge, which is our first place to go and will deliver these cards to each resident and once we do that, we will offer to read a favourite Christmas story to them.”

Any leftover cards will be brought to other long term care facilities in the east end, and then other parts of the city.

The deadline is December 21st.