We have snow.  We have cold weather.  But the trails operated by the Timmins Snowmobile Club are not open yet.

President Raymond Corbeil says there’s a lot of water on the ground underneath the snow, so the grooming machines that weigh ten tons each just sink.

“Right now we are in the process of going where there are no wet spots,” he explains.  “Some other people are going around with snowmachines and packing down the snow so that the cold will penetrate the ground to help us open it as soon as possible.”

“What we really need is cold weather and packing down the snow we already have so that the cold will penetrate and freeze well.”

Corbeil notes that the weather has been cold the past few days.

“That will help, yes,” he acknowledges.

Still, he can’t make an opening date prediction, other than “as soon as possible”.