Call it “Lock it or Lose it: the Christmas edition.”

Timmins Police have issued the annual warning to not leave your Christmas shopping purchases in plain view in your vehicle.  Communications coordinator Marc Depatie says that’s setting yourself up for a heartache.

“These types of petty thefts seem to be on a little bit of an increase during the festive season,” he points out.  “So with that in mind, we’re recommending that people adhere to the basic lock it or lose it philosophy.”

So put the parcels in your trunk, and get them home as soon as you can.  Depatie also advises you to not leave the usual items like sun glasses, phone chargers and loose change in plain view in the passenger compartment.

“These things act as attractants to thieves,” he comments.  “So if you can harden the target and reduce the temptation for people to engage in that type of theft, then you’re obviously doing yourself a tremendous favour.”