Ride sharing is coming to Timmins.

Cody Ruberto is CEO of Thunder Bay based Uride “Right now, we’re recruiting drivers,” he says.  “We want to be operating before the end of the year.  So we’re just rushing to get as many drivers through as possible in time for the holiday season.”

Like any other ride-sharing service, Uride is based on a cell phone app.  And Ruberto says it is less expensive than a traditional taxi.

“In most markets, it’s usually about 15 to 25% less than a taxi.”

Ruberto says the average pick-up time in the current seven Uride markets is under ten minutes.

Drivers use their own cars, which must not be older than ten years.

“For insurance, we provide drivers with full commercial insurance any time they turn on the Uride app,” the CEO remarks. “So they still have their personal policy in place, but any time they drive with us and they turn that app online, they switch over to Uride’s commercial policy.”

Ruberto says the commercial insurance protects passengers and drivers.