Thank you, Timmins.  Thank you, Santa Claus Parade spectators.  You helped 93.1 Moose FM and Socks Timmins collect 512 pairs of socks during Saturday’s parade.

Socks Timmins coordinator Carol Halt says she’s thrilled with that number, and impressed with the distribution between men’s (207), children’s (185) and women’s pairs (120).

Sorted and counted, the 512 pairs of socks collected along the Santa Claus Parade route.
(Carol Halt, Socks Timmins)

All the socks will go to people in the city who need them and can’t necessarily afford them.  Halt responds to calls of need from both homeless shelters, the Yo! Mobile and the food banks.

We’ll be back collecting socks during the 2020 Downtown Timmins Santa Claus Parade.  Count on it.