Anyone with half an hour to spare this Saturday can learn how to save a life.

The Red Cross will be set up at the food court at Timmins Square starting at 10:00am, giving 30-minute compression-only CPR lessons.

The Red Cross program rep for first aid, Tracey Braun, says it teaches you how to react when you see someone collapse.

“What it does is it keeps oxygen going to the parts of the body so that when an AED arrives, an AED can shock the heart back to a normal rhythm,” she explains.

Braun adds that it’s free… and open to anyone of any age.

“Sixty percent of Canadians who perform CPR do it on a family members and we know that not everybody has time to do a full CPR class, says Braun.  “So we want to make sure that we give a chance for everybody to learn how to save a person.”

The Red Cross is only asking that you  pre-register here,  to provide an idea of how many participants they can expect.