The next chapter in the indigenous youth mural project in Timmins takes place indoors, at the Timmins Museum on PD Day, Friday, November 1st.

Misiway Community Health Centre health promoter Kristin Murray says mural artist Mique Michelle will be back to teach young people between 12 and 25 years old how to create their own art pieces.

Murray says Michelle breaks down the stigma that divides vandalism from graffiti… because what she does is graffiti.

“She doesn’t just tag any old building.  She does ask permission and creates some conversations about what is art and how people express themselves through art,” Murray describes.  “So we hope to have a little bit of that influence in our workshop as people connect with being very artistic, just bringing that out in them.”

The day begins at ten o’clock. Lunch and snacks are provided.

“The youth will paint their projects on November 1st, and from November 2nd to the 9th, they’re actually going to be showcased in the museum as an exhibit,” says Murray.

The activity is free.  You must pre-register by calling Misiway.