They’re at it yet again.  Fraudsters claiming to represent Service Canada are phoning people, demanding personal information.

Timmins Police Service communications coordinator Marc Depatie says the department has received a number of complaints.

“Sometimes, undue trust is given to these people,” he remarks.  “We forward them our address, date of birth, social insurance number, what have you and not limited to but sometimes including personal banking information.  Obviously, if you didn’t generate the call, you have to be on your guard at all times.”

Depatie repeats that no reputable organization like Service Canada ever calls looking for such information.

There are also reports of the callers becoming threatening or aggressive.

“You have absolute control of this situation by simply hanging up,” Depatie advises. “If you’re not comfortable, then simply hang up on the person.  There’s no need for anybody to be subjected to any undue stress or threats or menacing behaviour in any way.”