Less than a week to go to voting day in the federal election

The clock continues to wind down on the 2019 election campaign, with less than a week to voting day.

The Liberals and the Conservatives are in a dead heat according to recent polls Tory leader Andrew Scheer begins the day in Quebec City while Liberal leader Justin Trudeau will be in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh is campaigning in Toronto.

Thousands of homes and businesses still without power in Manitoba following snowstorm

The holiday long weekend has wrapped up but almost 15-thousand homes and businesses in Manitoba are still without power.

Last Thursday’s snowstorm knocked down power lines and poles across much of the southern part of the province. In some of the more remote areas and First Nations, evacuations were ordered because there was no timetable to have the power back.

Germany’s security services hopes to be granted powers to fight far-right extremism

In the aftermath of last week’s synagogue attack, Germany’s security services is hoping to be given granted powers to fight far-right extremism, including requiring internet companies to report illegal hate speech.

The heads of Germany’s domestic intelligence service are warning that online platforms are increasingly being used as a means of spreading radicalism and bringing together like-minded people.