On Timmins mayor George Pirie’s list of tasks for the eventual winner of next week’s Timmins-James Bay election is removing a layer between municipalities and the agency that provides economic development funding to the north.

Pirie says Fednor is the only such regional agency under the control of a government ministry – Industry Canada.

“Having our own agency with its own budget and one that you could talk directly to the individuals inside and have a direct impact in conversation with that agency is critical to the north,” he states.

Mayor George Pirie
(Bob McIntyre, MyTimminsNow.com staff)

Removing political control is vital, says the mayor, because the region is so thinly populated, it doesn’t have the political capital to get things done.

“Having an agency set up at a federal level to deal specifically with the issues that we have in the north – and the issues in the north are fundamentally different than issues to the south of us – so it’s a very important message that we’ll be handing whoever’s elected to go back to Ottawa with.”

Voting day is next Monday.